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  003-177e3 Uulung-do (Island) North June 1952  
  003-178e Nick Nequette,Pat Patterson June 1952  
  003-180e Refueling in Rough Weather  
  003-181e Refueling in Rough Weather  
  003-182e Refueling in Rough Weather-High Line transfer  
  003-185e Hose Broke-Oil Spills  
  003-188e 70 mph Winds  
  004-02e Rec Area Formosa June 1952  
  004-04e Part of Daily Ration June 1952  
  004-10e Fishing Village Formosa June 1952  
  004-25a Entrance to Kaohsiung Harbor Formosa June 1952  
  004-26a Pilot Boarding Manatee Kaohsiung Formosa June 1952  
  004-28c Lowering Ships Launch Kaohsiung Formosa June 1952  
  004-30a Refueling DD Kaohsiung July 1952  
  004-34a Manatee Hong Kong July 1952  
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